Software Applications

Our Microsoft trained engineers can deploy, support, and configure any of the Microsoft family of applications. Exchange Server, all versions

SQL Server
IIS Server
ISA Server
Office, all versions

In addition we have experience in deploying and supporting many applications under the LINUX and UNIX Operating Environments, such as Apache Tomcat. We have extra special expertise in Informix Dynamic Server in the Relational database arena.

Our engineers are trained on the whole Office suite and the Lotus Office Automation suite, and in addition we can also provide support on older versions of all these products.

All our PCs come with Windows 7 Professional pre-installed with the option of a downgrade to Windows XP Pro if required by your application manufacturer.

Our engineers are professionally trained in all flavours of Microsoft Operating systems from NT4 through to 2008 Server.

We are partners with SCO and retain the highest level of expertise in SCO UNIX and all flavours of LINUX, which we feel is increasingly important given the current status of that organisation.

In addition we are able to support and troubleshoot many legacy versions of Windows and DOS, and many flavours of UNIX, LINUX and MAC Operating Systems.

A more recent addition to our skillsets are the current family of Thin Client and desktop or server virtualization environments.