About Us

Trollius Overview

Trollius Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary company of I2Global in the UK, it’s a joint venture between I2Global holds the controlling stakes of Trollius Technologies. Trollius Technologies and I2Global jointly provide Information Technology Solutions, Consulting Services, Document Management, Risk Management, Networking Solutions and Education Services.

Trollius Technologies was formed in May 2017 creating a product portfolio with particular strength and experience in software development and system integration. From day one the organisation grew into the fledgling but emerging Mobile Data Collection marketplace. Other specialist areas include Support, Development and Modernisation of Legacy Software, and World Class Document Management Solutions.

Trollius Technologies delivers technology-driven, Client led Business Solutions and System Integration Solutions that help meet the business objectives and efficiency drive of our clients. At Trollius Technologies, Clients whilst constantly working towards creating business value for the key players in our eco system – our customers, employees and partners.

Our strategy is to grow our business through strong internal growth combined with strategic partnerships with companies that compliment our growth engines. Technologies intend to expand our presence into new geographical markets and expand our portfolio of offerings to provide higher productivity enhancing solutions.



Delivering technology solutions for a sustainable future through totally fair, transparent and ethical practices.


To be a world class company in the field of application development that enables its stakeholders unlock their values and realize their full potential by leveraging technology and world class delivery model.

The Team

Trollius Technologies is founded on the spirit of entrepreneurship, courage and team work. We continue be driven by strong leaders armed with new ideas and empowered by a culture of fast disciplined decision-making.

Trollius Technologies is led by a senior management team with an average of more than 20 years of industry experience. We’re made up of experts in our fields spanning a wide range of experience in the latest technology such as Software development and maintenance, web, mobile, networking and more. We foster a culture of learning and experimentation to constantly develop innovative solutions for all of our customers.